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Robin Information

Unfortunately due to rising costs we are unable to produce garden bird and bat boxes anymore.

Robin The adult robin has the distinct orange/red face and waistcoat and is one of the countries favourite garden birds. They only weigh between 16 and 22 grams and are approx 140mm long. Most areas of Britain have robins from city centres to woodlands, copses to gardens. They are a fiercely territorial bird and defend their area all year round. You can hear their “Tic Tic” or “Tseep” calls as they protect their ground from intruders.

Breeding season starts late March and goes on to the end of June , during which time they may have 2 or 3 clutches. It clutch is made up of 5 to 7 white eggs with red spots on which are laid in a nest lined with hair and fine garden material made by the female. She will incubate these for about 14 days, then both parents will feed the young in the nest until they fledge after 15 days. The youngsters are brown with white stripes and spots. You can feed Robins on fat, cheese, sultanas, breadcrumbs, and cake, their favourite are mealworms. Always provide water for drinking and bathing.

The robin takes to open fronted boxes easily but like them partially concealed by ivy or climbing plants, other birds such as the pied wagtail and spotted flycatcher will also use the open fronted box. They need to be placed at least 2m high on the side of an out building or tree.