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About Us

The Owl Box has been going for over 20 years. For the first few years we were based in Derbyshire but having out grown our garden we moved to a smallholding in Anglesey where we still are. Our Barn Owl nest box was the first box designed and made, and today it still is the most popular box in our range.

We take in most wildlife but do not have the facilities for foxes, badgers and seagulls. Our aim is to return as many as possible to the wild in as shorter time as possible. We had our first baby red squirrels in this year which we managed to wean and they have now gone to join a new colony once they become adjusted to their new surroundings. We have to remember this are wild animals not pets and make sure they do not become over used to people.

All the profit that is made goes towards food bills, vet bills, aviary building and their upkeep.

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