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Dove Information

Doves Dove Cotes are suitable for all domestic doves and pigeons that enjoy the freedom of free flight.

To introduce the doves/pigeons into the new dove cote it is best to cover the front with chicken wire then place the birds inside and secure make sure you are able to feed them and that an adequate water supply is available. This must be replenished daily. The birds should be kept in there for two to four weeks and then the wire should be removed. If the dove cotes are used inside aviaries attached to one of the walls, you would not need the introduction period

The Doves/ Pigeons eat a mixture of mixed grain and grit and need fresh water. They will mate for life and usually produce 2 eggs which are incubated for approximately 17-18 days. The young are fully independent by the time they are 30 days old

The 3 hole dove cote is big enough for 3 pairs of garden/fantail doves or birds of that size.

The six hole dove cote is more suitable for smaller breeds and can take 6 pairs