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Dormouse Information

Unfortunately due to rising costs we are unable to produce Dormouse boxes anymore.

Dormouse Dormice are very small only about 90mm their tail is approx 60mm. Their fur on their back is orange with white underneath and even their tail is thickly furred.

Hazelnuts and acorns are among their favourite foods but they also eat pollen from catkins and flowers.

Dormice are nocturnal and very rarely seen. They avoid the ground where ever possible running around the branches and bushes. During the winter they hibernate and do not emerge until April.

In May they start to breed and have approx 4 young, their nests are ball shaped and made of grass and stripped bark from honeysuckle these can be in a nest box, tree hollow or amongst brambles.

The nest boxes need to be about 20 metres apart and in small groups if possible. They should be approx 1 ½ metres of the ground and fixed to tree fencing post with the ties provided. (these should be checked periodically to make sure they are not too tight around the tree)

Boxes should be checked from time to time to see if a dormouse is in residence but a hibernating dormouse must not be disturbed