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Newsletter 2011

Newsletter 2011

Another year past, and more rescues taken in and released. We are now well known to the local vets who recommend us to people who need help and also send birds and animals themselves to us.This year seems to have been Tawny Owl year. A number of owls from all over have come in for different reasons, most have now been released, one has to stay in captivity because it is to tame.

This young owl came into us when it was 3 to 4 weeks old and seem oddly quiet, we were worried that the her eyes may have been damaged and sort advise from specialist, and was relieved to hear that nothing was wrong with them. We introduced her to other owls but she seemed to tame we could not work this out as we had been told that she had came to us the day after she was found. We were really worried that something must be wrong with her and then the people who found her admitted they had her 2 weeks before bringing her to us. Mystery solved she was imprinted on humans. We tried to stop all contact with her. We settled her in aviary with other young tawny owls but she would scream for human contact and became distressed. So it was decided that she would have to stay, she is the noisiest owl we have got so it’s a good job our neighbours don’t mind.We had better luck with a nest full of owlets found on a farm starving after they had lost both parents. There were originally five youngsters but one had died by the time the nest was found. The other four were starving and it was touch and go if they would survive. Slowly they came round and began to get stronger and to show aggression towards humans. They were placed in a release aviary for a few weeks as they developed their flying skills and when ready released. A number of Jackdaws have come in this year; they are a very friendly bird and become tame quickly. These have been released in the garden but still like to have their dinner provided in the evenings. They follow us around the garden and try to help when we are feeding or cleaning the rabbits.


We have had many different types of birds in from a heron to baby swallow each needing a suitable diet and enclosure. Some needing medication or wounds cleaned and bandaged but a lot just needing a rest and a good feed. Then comes the best bit release the bird or animal back into the wild occasionally they give a backward glance but usually they are off just glad to be back where they belong.

Robin Lomas,
The Owl Box.                      
Tyddyn Waen, Nr Llangaffo,                              
Isle of Anglesey. LL60 6LP                                

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