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About Us

About Us

The Owl Box has been going for approx 10 years. For the first few years we were based in Derbyshire but having out grown our garden we moved to a smallholding in Anglesey where we still are. Our Barn Owl nest box was the first box designed and made, and today it still is the most popular box in our range.

We started off with one small barn owl and now have over 40 resident owls and birds of prey along with all the ones that come in for treatment and rehabilitation. Along with these we have a large number of ducks a few chickens a cockerel and a peacock. We also have a number of rabbits that come in often after being abandoned we try to re-home the healthy young ones but give a home to all those that need a bit of extra attention through no fault of their own.

For the last 8 to 9 years we have been involved with breeding red squirrels and had quite a lot of success in the beginning but since losing our breeding male to old age we have not had much luck with breeding.

All the profit that is made goes towards food bills, vet bills, aviary building and their upkeep.

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